Google less stealthy? More link info for webmasters

Considering all the data that we share with Google, its nice that every now and then Google decides to share a little of it back. Today, Google opened up quite a bit more than they had done by sharing more complete information about external links that point at your website.

Getting past the PhDs up on the watchtower at the Googleplex

Google does everything they can to keep crap out of their system. In a nutshell, the best way to avoid being caught up in their traps is to make sure that your website doesn’t even have a faintest resemblance to crap. If you want the long version, be sure to check out Joe Whyte’s list […]

Best advice I’ve ever received

This is driving me nuts. I was just reading Scott Horne’s blog (which is excellent by the way) and he’s got people sharing the best advice they’ve ever received. This is great because I love advice like sunflowers love sun. The problem is, I know exactly what the best advice I’ve ever received was but […]

Yikes! Static HTML websites are headed for extinction

Optimizing an existing website usually involves making just a few significant changes or additions to a website that leave it in much better shape than it was you found it. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have a few coffee-fueled late nights of tinkering and tweaking, but in general it’s not like you’re going to […]

Can Bill Gates teach your website how to talk?

Think of your website as your ambassador to the Internet. It must make a good impression if you want it to hit home with your visitors. There are a lot of factors that play into how well it will be perceived. I believe one of the most important is how well your website communicates.