Grab your hammer and join me in the Website Workshop

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what would be the best way for us to explore together the many different techniques of website optimization. I think I’ve found an approach that should be a bit of fun for everyone. Let’s optimize a website together! In this series, I am going to build a website […]

Happy 1st Birthday eMom!

I’d like to give a shout out and wish a Happy 1st Blog Birthday to eMoms at Home. If you’ve never visited, you should. Wendy Piersall’s is eMom and her blog is full of wonderful tips that will help you to become a better blogger. For anybody (including an eDad like me) that cares about […]

Social Media Optimization & Marketing (new blog)

I’ve just launched a new companion blog to this one devoted to social media optimization and marketing entitled SMOblog. Social media optimization and marketing consists of optimizing the technical infrastructure of a website so that it is well-integrated with social media and marketing directly to online communities, blogs and other social media websites through a […]